Biomobila is a family company manufacturer of solid wood furniture: series and custom furniture. Our company name means, “furniture for life” or “health preserving furniture” and illustrates our family's quest for ecology in woodwork.

Our workshop is located in Bukovina, North-East of Romania, a region with long tradition in woodwork. Bukovina is a renown area of Romania for alive folklore, forests and artistry of woodworking, materialized in monumental portals, wooden houses and other constructions, furniture, decorations and home amenities. Our desire is to continue this rich tradition and honor its beauty, knowledge and creativity by creating solid wood furniture from scratch.

Our furniture design is profoundly influenced by local folklore, architecture and concepts, but we manufacture furniture with clients' design equally.

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We started our company with these three aims in mind:

First, to manufacture safe furniture for families, persons with allergies, seniors, because furniture occupies a significant volume of our homes;

Second, to protect the environment through a clean manufacturing process;

Last, but not least, to commit to community we live in, through social involvement.

We use for our projects : solid wood, natural glues, natural oils, wax, earth colors and water-based varnish. Every material we use in production process is carefully chosen, to minimize environmental impact and pollution of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the earth we stand.

All furniture is manufactured from local tree species, thus minimizing the carbon footprint: oak, spruce, fir, larch, beech, hornbeam, ash, linden, cherry, walnut and other. Trees are harvested responsibly from nearby forests.

There are lots of reasons to love solid wood furniture, to advocate it and manufacture it, being in the same time, nature and forest lovers: it is enduring and sustainable; used gently, solid wood furniture can last generation after generation; it protects human health; ecological furniture manufacturing protects air, water and soil and last but not least – it is for life.